About ... OGA

OGA was founded in 1961 in accordance with basic law number 4169 its initial purpose being to grant old-age/widow's pensions, as well as to provide the population employed in agriculture with healthcare services. Its progress from 1961 up to 1997 can be characterised by its strengthened insurance protection, particularly in relation to its added benefits such as invalidity pensions, medical care etc.

In 1998 OGA transformed itself into the principal insurance fund for farmers (N.2458/97) and provides a full range of insurance protection. A transition period has been legislated for the period up to 2026, during which both the new and old insurance system will run alongside each other. The transition from the old to the new system is expected to run smoothly, causing no loss to policyholders' insurance rights. The essential aspects of the new OGA are as follows:


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